I enjoy speaking at events. If you’d like to invite me to speak at your event, please send me a note. Topics about which I speak are: open source, community building and organizing, event planning, non-profit management and various other technical topics.

Upcoming Talks

  • OSCON, Portland, OR, July 2013: Community Event Planning

Previous Talks

  • PyCon NA 2013 (Santa Clara): Community Event Planning
  • Code ‘n’ Splode 2012 (Portland, OR): Intro to IRC
  • OSCON 2012 (Portland, OR): Event Planning for Geeks Tutorial
  • OSCON 2011 (Portland, OR): Event Planning for Geeks Session
  • Open Source Bridge 2009 (Portland, OR)
    • Refactor Your Brain: Meditation for Geeks
    • Tools for Freelancers